Monday, February 06, 2006


Do you remember the scene from the movie " A CHRISTMAS STORY" when the father receives the god awful lamp ( a woman's leg with a frilly lamp shade)the father so proud of the lamp that he insist on displaying it in the front window of the house for the entire neighborhood to see. The mother was so embarrassed by this lamp and I can now feel her pain.
My husband received a plaque for Christmas. It is a picture of former Bear's head coach Mike Ditka. In this picture Mike is flipping the bird. I leave to go shopping Saturday morning only to come back and see that this plaque is now hanging in our LIVING ROOM!!!!! Without holding anything back I blurted out " that is totally tasteless and has no business hanging up in our living room.... that is a pic for your office at best!
Well the battle is on! If you remember in the Christmas Story... the lamp did not last long!Needless to say neither will Mike..... he will be coming down one way or another.... even if it means falling off the wall and accidentally shattering into a million little pieces.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I did it

I have a couple of friends/co-workers who have their own blogs. I so enjoy reading their posts that I finally have committed to creating my own blog. I am excited and cannot wait until I have something really good to share.
Stay tuned... I am sure by the end of the weekend I will have at least one good story to share.